Saffron Street Logo
Capital Required £30,000
Number of units 24
Franchising Since 2003

Winner at The British Restaurant Awards, 2022.

We offer authentic Indian Street food reimagined not reinvented, served with a smile in a beautiful, warm atmosphere.

Saffron Street is more than just a place to grab a bite. We take you on a culinary journey exploring ingredients and flavours from the streets of India which are then recreated in our kitchen.

Our journey

Saffron street is a family business in many ways. Founded collectively by father, uncle and son, the inspiration behind the brand began with one of many lengthy train rides across the western coast of India, starting at Bhalruch, and finishing in Mumbai.

The sensory journey began.  Street vendors would sell their food through the open bar windows of the train as it pulled into the platforms.  The fusion of aromas would fill the air as the passengers experienced unique ingredients and flavours as they travelled through towns and villages.

The family continued their travels across India over time, visiting various streets and discovering the best vendors in each region as recommended by locals.

The recipes now created in the Saffron Street kitchen not only encompass the authentic Indian Street food they tasted on their journeys, but they skilfully elevate these simple dishes into something spectacular, a taste sensation, and a unique dining experience.

The family have curated a menu full of 'the best' Indian street food, so the only 'street' you need to Saffron Street.

The culinary team, along with the family, still travel extensively across India for recipe inspiration as their menus evolve over time.

For both our team and our customers we are a home from home. We have a relaxed but hardworking approach, just as our website says, we ‘lovesaffronstreet’. A place to meet, eat and catch up; a happy and welcoming culture; we’re all about the taste, the colour and the chat.

The customer experience is paramount when dining with us which is why we make sure everyone always leaves with a smile.

Service at Saffron Street is friendly and personal. From the first greeting with our host to the efficient bustle of the servers everyone can relax and enjoy the food and company. Meals are informal with dishes served as soon as they are ready, portions designed for sharing and lots of talking point presentations. Servers are happy to discuss the menu and to make recommendations.

The menu at Saffron Street is an inspired mix of tradition and innovation. We take pride in our authenticity and our accessibility, selecting the best of regional favourites, flavoursome street foods and in-house fusion creations. We have a high proportion of return visitors reordering favourites and trying new things. We take great pride in our in-house specialities.

The atmosphere at Saffron Street is celebratory. This is a place where families and friends meet up. The décor is special, not casual. Small and big groups see Saffron Street as a place to make great memories and to have a really fun time together. Everything from the up-beat interior to the friendly service and the sharing dishes encourage this sense of fun and happy times.

We want friend and family groups to have a place to come more often, for relaxed meet-ups, with the interior design standards of a restaurant but the informality of casual dining.

The ethos of Saffron Street is shared food for a great experience. The sales mix reflects this, with hearty portions shared in groups.

Saffron street offers a balanced menu with wide appeal, vegetarian food is important but a lower % of the mix than might be expected, customers are keen on meat dishes and thalis, price is not a barrier, it’s all about the food.

The Saffron Street home branches have been a labour of love and we don’t want to lose that feeling in our expansion. We want each sibling restaurant to become extended family with the team and the customers all experiencing the Saffron Street culture.

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