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If within the first 12 months you don’t feel the business is for you, the company will give a 90% refund on all sealed products.


C. A. V. Group was set up by Mary Bingham and Derek Brown as an independent business, with the goal of providing an opportunity both for themselves and others, to achieve a prosperous and secure future. This is being successfully achieved working in association with a company called Forever Living Products.

We are passionate about our business and believe it is truly remarkable. Take a few moments to find out what we do, get a feel for the nature of our business, the kind of people we are and the people we are looking for.

Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd

  • Commenced trading 1993 (Registered 1988)
        2006 sales over £36 million
  • On target to achieve £139 million (2% market share) within 7 years
  • Supporting the growth and developing the potential of people
  • 2003 – prestigious ‘Investor In People’ Award
  • 2002 - Innovation Award – UK Direct Selling Association – for regionalised training, support and product supply centre
  • Networking professional...

    Corporate package...

    An impressive 'corporate' package for the Network Marketing professional:

    A car plan of up to £6,300 per annum to buy the car of your dreams


    Free international 5-star travel to worldwide destinations with $500-$3,000 cash allowance

    A Profit Share programme, which paid out to qualifying distributors over Euro 8 million in Europe for 2006, with over £670,000 available in the UK.

    Rex Maughan
    President and CEO of Forever Living Products International Inc

    C. A. V. Group in conjunction with Forever Living Products, through Network Marketing, can offer you a choice of career options – you decide:

    As a Networking Professional you have the realistic potential - if you put the work in - of creating anything from £5,000 a month, to a six-figure annual income which can even run into tens of thousands a month, with no upper limit.

    Forever Living Products has developed an accelerated business-building system which is relatively simple. Making it work effectively requires hard work, application, discipline and a learning attitude.

    The majority of your income from your organisation is gained from passive royalty – income which comes in month after month, year after year, decade after decade and lifetime after lifetime. A business which can be left in a Will as part of your Estate

    This opportunity is often started part-time around an existing job, career or profession with a view to a future career change