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Investment Level £50,001 ~ £100,000




Little Dreams Consulting Ltd are baby and child sleep consultants who work with parents around the world (via Zoom) but mainly in the UK. We work with children between 4 months and 10 years old, as well as offering antenatal packages and seminars. We have worked 1-1 with approximately 700 families since the company launched in October 2017.

After having two children, Jenna realised she wasn’t in love with being a solicitor anymore. For 12 years she had been qualified, specialising in childcare law, and a member of the children panel. To change track, she trained as a sleep consultant while pregnant with her third child, in 2016, and she launched Little Dreams soon after. In January 2018, Fay joined the team and together they have grown Little Dreams Consulting to what it is today – a thriving business! The flagship branch, Little Dreams Bristol, is now a team of 4 baby and child sleep consultants, and an administrative assistant.

Franchise Overview

Little Dreams Franchise Ltd was launched in December 2021 and within 9 months had already signed up and trained our three founder franchisees and were accepted as members of the BFA as an approved franchise within our first few months of launch!

Both high quality and achieving the best franchise possible have been incredibly important to both Jenna and Fay, which is why they have invested a substantial amount of time, money and effort into working with experts in the field to ensure they have been able to offer what they believe to be, an amazing franchise opportunity.

The franchise offers a proven infrastructure, utilising all the things they know work well for the business, along with the training and know-how to make the business a success in the franchisee’s territory.

No expense has been spared in ensuring each territory is based on the demographic that we have proven to work in the Bristol area, and in ensuring the training for franchisees is thorough, detailed and thought through to the finest detail. Again, no expense has been spared as they have worked closely with BFA accredited legal, consultancy and software developing professionals in order to create bespoke systems and a franchise package that is exceptional.

Jenna and Fay have secured the Little Dreams Consulting European trademark so that, in time, the franchise network can be expanded beyond the UK.

The aim is, quite simply, to become the go-to brand of sleep consultants, offering a consistent, knowledgeable service to families across the UK and beyond. In order to achieve this, their mission is to create a network of franchisees, as passionate as they are, across the UK, to bring sleep to as many families as possible.


There are other training courses on the market today, claiming to teach people how to be a sleep consultant. We believe our franchise goes far beyond any other offering on the market today.

All of our Little Dreams franchisees receive a high level of training both inhouse and from external experts. This covers not only everything you need to know about sleep and the issues you will face as a sleep consultant, but also in relation to running your own business. This includes:

  • Little Dreams Consulting intensive 3 ½  day training (a mix of online and in person teaching) which covers:
    • The importance of sleep
    • Bedtime techniques
    • Working with older children
    • Everything you need to know about naps
    • Package information
    • Crying and attachment
    • The client journey:
      • How to get the best from a sales call
      • Analysing a client’s questionnaire
      • Email and telephone support
      • Analysing a child’s sleep
      • Closing clients
    • Confidentiality
    • Looking after your own wellness
    • Marketing your franchise and a social media introduction
    • External training from industry experts including:
      • One of the world leaders in baby and child sleep research and attachment
      • Lactation Consultant
      • SEO expert
      • GDPR expert
      • Social Media expert

In addition, we support our franchisees intensely throughout their first year in business in order to ensure they are able to navigate all baby and children sleep issues as well as building a successful business of their own under the Little Dreams brand.

Each of our franchisees has a dedicated franchise manager to whom they have access throughout their journey. We have also devised a weekly timetable of training and support for our first-year franchisees, offering both individual and round table supervision as well as ‘refresher’ sessions on areas of sleep and/or business, for which franchisees request extra support.