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A Fresh Approach To Franchise Funding

Finding the right finance can be a real stumbling block for prospective franchisees - and a major challenge for franchisors hoping to recruit them.

Without the right savings or finance package, most people can’t afford to become new franchisees, and without them, the franchised business model is going nowhere.

That’s a chicken-and-egg situation we’re dedicated to breaking at NGI Franchise Funding, drawing on our vast experience in business finance and working with successful franchise businesses.

We’ll continue helping franchisees raise finance and devising lender-friendly business plans for new franchisee recruits as they set up and develop their businesses.

As independent experts, we’re used to coming up with all sorts of solutions from straightforward business loans to complex financial packages from a mix of lenders.

No two franchisees are in the same situation, we tailor our advice and our solutions around their individual circumstances.

We’ll be there for you, helping you make your franchise fly. Contact the team on 01993 706403 to learn more about how we can support you and assist you in realising your franchising ambitions.

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