Keeping you pet cool and safe this summer


Feb 10, 2017

At Oscar we understand how important your pet and their health is to you.  For that reason we have put together some tips to help you and your pet enjoy a fun-filled, safe and happy time throughout the summer months.

Car aware
We’re all aware of the dangers of leaving beloved pets in hot cars. Yet, every year, we continue to hear of dogs suffering needlessly because of being abandoned in a closed car. Even a few moments can leave your dog suffering. The best advice we can give is never to leave them in the car. Plan ahead and take your dog with you rather than leaving them trapped in your car.

Over Heating...
Dogs, cats and small animals can easily over heat in hot weather.  Make sure you can recognise the signs of overheating in pets...
•Excessive panting
•Increased salivation
•In serious cases: vomiting & diarrhoea

If your pet shows any of these signs, you must contact your veterinary practice immediately.

Be prepared
•Hot weather brings along an increase in the numbers of insects, such as flea’s, worms or ticks which can cause problems. Prevention is better than cure and Oscar can supply you with all the right treatments to keep the bugs away.

•Grooming - in the summer you need to pay extra attention to brushing and combing your pet’s coat. Removing any loose hair and tangles will help them to feel clean and fresh.

•Water – plenty of it!  Always make sure that their water bowls are full of fresh, clean, cool water. Never go out for a walk without taking water with you.

•Keep your pet in the shade or in a cool area at all times - overheating is dangerous. 

•Pets with pale skin really do need to wear a sun block – especially on their nose and ears.

•Heat exhaustion is a little like sunstroke – if your pet is panting excessively, drooling and restless you must slowly cool it down and then go to the vet.

•Timing your walks to the early morning or evening when it is coolest, means that you can introduce more vigorous exercise, such as retrieve games, allowing your pet to exercise without over heating.

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